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Fox Funeral Home History

Edward J. Fox & Sons Funeral Home was established in 1919 by Edward J. Fox. The first establishment was at 219 Chapel Place, just north of downtown Youngstown. Mr. Fox studied at the Philip Hayden School of Embalming, Cleveland, and was for some time with Mr. John McGreal, prominent funeral director of the city. More than two years prior to 1919, he qualified before the State Board of Examiners and received his license, but was delayed in carrying out his program locally on account of being called into Military service. He married the former Mary Letitia Holden on February 16, 1920. They had three children, John Edward, Mary and James Edward.

After a few years on Chapel Place, Mr. Fox moved his establishment to 1825 Oak Hill Ave. on the South Side of Youngstown. He was one of the founding fathers of Saint Patrick Church which was to be several blocks to the north on Oak Hill. His oldest son, John, entered Cleveland Embalming School before World War II. Like his father, his career was interrupted by his military service. When the war was over, John completed his examination before the State Board of Examiners in 1945, and joined his father in the business. Edward’s youngest son James entered the Cleveland School and received his license in 1949. Edward J. Fox died September 1, 1954 and his sons were left to carry on the funeral business with the help of their mother, Molly Fox.

On November 22, 1963, John & Jim moved the funeral home to its present location at 4700 Market Street in Boardman. The property was owned by the Kelly family and the new funeral home incorporated the original house into the design. A state of the art facility in 1963, the funeral home is still very functional in today’s world.

John E. Fox died November 14, 1995. The funeral home was then run by James E. Fox and Christopher Engartner, who joined the firm in 1984 as Jim’s partner. James E. Fox passed away on May 14, 2013. Christopher Engartner is now the sole proprietor and plans to continue in operating this firm with the same service and traditions it has practiced for nearly 100 years.